Marketek - Market Analysis and Economic Development Services


Since 1984, Marketek, Inc. has provided market analysis and economic development services to more than 300 communities and developers throughout the United States. Marketek's rigorous analysis and innovative marketing concepts are aimed at enhancing the market advantages of our clients. The firm has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Portland, Oregon and Charleston, South Carolina. Marketek's principals draw on extensive backgrounds in downtown revitalization, real estate development, marketing and urban planning to provide comprehensive services to its clients, including national developers, public agencies, downtown associations, industrial corporations, commercial developers, builders and financial institutions.Our services range from preparing commercial revitalization strategies for downtown and neighborhood business districts to conducting market feasibility analyses for residential, retail, office and industrial developments. Marketek has pioneered a practical, hands-on approach to community economic revitalization. And our experience with communities and private developers alike enables us to identify their mutual needs and interests in the economic development process.


Market Analyses for Retail, Office, Industrial and Residential Uses; Community Revitalization Strategies; Target Industry Studies; Business Recruitment and Retention Training; Consumer Research; Marketing/Branding Strategies.


Marketek operates with a small staff. The firm's principals believe that the success of a consulting firm is based on the experience and capabilities of its principals, the quality of its work and the satisfaction of its clients. We are selective in the assignments we accept to ensure that all projects have the full participation of at least one principal. Our "hands-on" approach typically results in our continuing involvement in the community or development long after a project is completed.

Eleanor Matthews:

Eleanor has over 20 years experience in market research and urban planning. As the founder of Marketek, she has served as project director for market assignments concerning residential, commercial and industrial uses, large scale planned communities and resorts and adaptive reuse and redevelopment programs. Through her work on downtown revitalization assignments throughout the nation, Eleanor has acquired a strong understanding of what it takes to rebuild a community's economic base. Eleanor earned a Master of City Planning degree from Georgia Tech and holds a Master's Degree in Arts/Economics and Political Science from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

Mary Bosch:

Mary is a principal with Marketek and is experienced with every facet of the business development process -- from the perspective of the small business owner to the developer to the economic development professional. Her special skills include market research/feasibility assessments, marketing and business planning, facilitation and organizational development. Mary has conducted assignments for communities throughout the United States on various aspects of economic revitalization and has led workshops or made presentations on these subjects for numerous state and local main street programs. A graduate of Indiana University in Communications, Ms. Bosch later earned a Master of City Planning degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rachel Prioleau:

A principal of marketek, Rachel has experience in market analysis, economic development, downtown and neighborhood revitalization and\ affordable housing development. Previous to her association with Marketek, Rachel worked for the Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority, overseeing the acquisition and redevelopment of underutilized tax delinquent property. Since joining Marketek, she has focused on neighborhood and downtown redevelopment strategies. Rachel holds a Master of City Planning degree from Georgia Tech and an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University.